Get Smart, Get Smart Security can provide your home with new Smart security solutions or Upgrade your current home security system. Everything from simple to total home automation tools to command your fortress and keep your loved ones Safe.


Get Smart, Let us assist you with Protecting  your business and community. Keep your employees and residents  safe with the best in commercial security solutions. We do it all. Burglar, cctv, Video doorbell, access control, Audio/Video, & automation.


Get Smart, “Help, I’ve fallen” is not a joke! Get smart security offers safety and independence solutions with immediate response tools, auto fall sensors and much more.

Making your neighborhood a safer place to live

Get Smart Security, with over Thirty years of industry experience can help with protecting your family, possessions, and business! We work with each client individually to build a protection plan tailored to your specific needs, and are fully licensed and insured.

• Burglar • Life Safety • Indoor & Outdoor Cameras • Smart Home Security packages • Mobile System Control – Burglar • Fire • Access Control • Indoor and Outdoor Camera packages • Audio/Video • Full Automation

The Smartest Security system on our planet

Smarter home security at your fingertips


Home Security

Our professionally installed, home security systems can provide you with protection and peace of mind.

Security Cameras

With our professionally installed, high quality camera systems you can access live or recorded video footage from anywhere at any time.

Business Security

Our professionally installed commercial security systems can provide you with reports showing what time your business was opened and closed each day as well as which employee armed or disarmed your system and much, much more.

Life Alert

Get Smart with life alert monitoring solutions. Ive Fallen and can’t get up is no joke! No longer do you have to worry when there Home Alone.

The Smartest Security system on our planet

Is now the smartest UL listed Commercial Security system, In the Universe!


Get Smart Security’s Alarm System’s protects your family and house from Kaos While saving you 15% OFF your Homeowners Insurance.

Know the Facts………Peace of mind a feeling of being safe & protected

Know your neighbors, sexual predators are everywhere

Fact: There are over 750,000 registered sex offenders in the United States

Fact: There are nearly 400,000 involving sex crimes against children

Fact: 1 out of 10 child molesters are Registered Sex Offenders

Fact: The other 90% havn’t been caught …..Yet!

Fact: Get Smart Burglar and camera systems will protect your family

As per the F.B.I, The United States Home Invasions

Fact:In 2018, there were an estimated 1,230,149 burglaries

Fact: 3,370 Home Burglaries are committed every day

Fact: 2.35 Home Burglaries are committed every second

Fact: Having a smart security system will reduce your chances

Fact: Having a smart security system will reduce your home owners insurance

As per the N.F.P.A, Home fires in 2017

Fact: 357,000 Home fires occurred in 2017

Fact: 2,630 Deaths related to Home fires, 2017

Fact: 10,600 Injuries related to Home fires, 2017

Fact: 7.7Billion dollars to property damage, 2017

Fact: Having a monitored smoke detector saves lives and property!

2 movie tickets, 2 Sodas = $36.00 Get Smart Security system = $36.00            Peace of Mind……….Priceless!

What Our Customers Say

“The service man had excellent customer skills. He answered all my questions and made the installation experience very comfortable. Great Installation!”

Joanne L.

“I am very proud of the system. It’s my first time in a city and I have no family here so I wondered if I would feel safe at home alone. The alarm system makes me sleep better & more comfortably. So I thank you very much.”

Johnnie W.

“Both technician and helper were very caring and helpful. With such great employees, we are very confident in your company.”

Andrew R.